Friday, December 17, 2010

PRELUDE to the GREAT BEYOND: For a verrry looong time, a whole-lot-more-so since our accident when my reflections weren't only on this lifelong demise - I always, always, always thot about writing for Heaven, about Heaven, what Heaven will be like, what we can do in Heaven for the length and breadth of eternity, the 99.99% of passionate warmth, to be supported on the highwire of bulbous wonderfull - ya know, just being God's gumshoe with my funny fedora? But, now, with Blogger, whoa. I can have both 'au bout de son latin' altruism with my majestic dysfunction! RRReach'n for da stars, doll!! And, sure enough, sure as rope has two-ends, ending in the Great Beyond, I know without a doubt most human beings from this primordial-soup-past shall wonder, 'Besides worship, whatever shall I do in Heaven for centillions of eons and eons???' Not to worry, son, sayeth God. Exactly why I created love making. Yippee! You cannot have one without the other, though you can have 'agape' ... yet, I don't choose that alone. Rather, I prefer to construct our vested, intrinsic interest by being 'greedily' obedient in Heaven, as we'll reinforce our 'donor wholes', soda speek, in ways which'll blow-thy-mind, only for us to explore in our exploded, sunny wombs, as numerous and elusive as Divine Wisdom. Read John 21:25 --- So, here's MY story on the eternity of nekk'n and love'n...

TouchDown in the EndZone!! Climbing down the ladder outta my seaworthy yacht I sailed across the ocean of time, I saw my kick-ass, Cannondale parked near a gnarly, old Cottonwood, purrr'n like a young cheetah, waiting for this day when She'd show me what-fo; I saw my sleeek, space craft, too, not tooo far away through some gorgeous, White Pines and lofty Redbuds, as I pedaled furiously in-and-out of weird rox and formations, up-and-down low hills, like a 'roller-coaster' arch beckoning me with great undertones,
 wanting me to climb-and-reach, wanting... longing... patiently... When I was pedalin across 10X the size of Jupiter, young females attackin me! with NerfGuns on horseback; apparently, they wanted me to stop for sumtin, somewhere. And they were oh-so-gorgeous: some taller, some shorter, some more gorgeouser; God's sooo good... and patient. "Yeah," I thot, "Gotta gitta lotta fluid for Her... and Her... and Her..." counting my fingers and toes. Far beyond sexciting: the X and Y chromosome
 merged into one after I'm done. It was like that through mosta my experience through single trak, forest, scrub desert, 65-degree-hills and down 70-degrees, beyond thrillinNgorgeous, beyond shockNawe, beyond solidNstunning, I conquered'm all. Then, as I took a drink several hundred miles away from the TD, on a high bluff withe wind softly blowing my delicious lox (had that, too, from God who's Jewish descent), I faintly smelled smoke which wafted mellowdramatic, professional, girlish, and the most perfect pitch (yes, sir, anything's possible if you go where I go). I smiled. I congratulated the Most Holy Trinity. Just what I've always wanted, to serve them, to honor them, to touch the Indelibility. Must take a shower. I smelled my armpits. Not too bad. I wasn't necessarily big physically, ain't nobody to fight here - not in this scenario, the first level where you're just settling in; but, yet, mama mia. I thanked Her profusely. In MY fantasy, in MY eternity, in MY reality, the doves are always a girlies withe qualities I hoped for: just to be around them, I was truly like Pavlov's dogs in their expertise --- As I biked down the mountain on 'ruff sand, through cheese-cake-boulders, cherry trees - as HUGE as my hand were the enormous fruit, and gourmet-rated-roses, it was TOTALLY bitchin - this is total worship in my opinion: the 73.37 degree angle, the fierce wind whippin' my face, sskreeeeeem'n!! my TeDeumLaudamus!!! Justorum animae in manu Dei sunt et non tangent illos tormentum mortis!!! the precision which I had control, the avalanche of total pleasure waiting for me at the bottom, the 'tableau vivant' exhalation getting more and more understandable and loyal. I remember getting back from the enormous library on another world where I could work all quiet like, all nestled in a cozy-cubicle the size of an auditorium, writing-out what I wanted to happen to me where I spent maaany a long month in-and-out perfecting my skills which I had before, just nobody to love: boating, skiing, cycling, hiking, snowboarding, river rafting, rappelling, paragliding with our arms, and, most important, to be as one as we are ONE forever and ever - before MY touchdown where the goal is literally Heaven Above. What's my biggest turn-on? Simple. A blatant disregard for earthly policy. How kold_kadavr. Apparently, that's exactly what I was, or I wouldn't've been resurrected. As a child, I thot, I always wanted to 'hang-on' to my mom's leg ??? Not to get too much into the JungleJim of psychoanalytic behavior, that's totally continued to this day: to humble myself before'm, to kiss their precious feet which brot'm here, to give'm a backrub, to slow dance to Beethoven or Tchaikovsky or Mozart, to feed'm HUGE grapes, feed'm baklava, or those oranges you buy in a can from the supermarket, to feed'm Starbucks - always a sailing vessel waiting to take Her to the Stars, to sit withem on the cowch and wrap myself around'm to be as one, to be thoroughly zero-demensional, like a congruent algorythm, like a sequence-of-steps leading to a desired end. I swiftly cycled down the breathtaking mountain exceedingly high --- That, of course, wasn't the end, as I had to go 'round another curve in order to demand Her realism, Her secretive domicile in the everlasting morning which B9s pollinate. VOILA!! Staring at me at the end of a short row of sky-high-sycamores withe lawn exquisite, the Southern-Charm mansion, sun is bright, the groovy, weird-o birds, the warm, beautiful lake stretching farther than-I-could-see. Couldn't git no better. Waving at me! ME! I about fell over. #@!! bike. I spied TWO! beautiFULL, 'laissez-faire' innocence, middle-age-females with bobs, one with glasses, totally wearing their tanned legs, adorable freckles, gorgeous smiles, beckoning me, calling me to sit with them on a blanket for a picnic. Playboy twins? As if the mysterious puzzle had only one more piece to complete the masterpeace you couldn't find on the floor, as if this was the chasm I was searching for to fill-in the whole, this was the God I'd been gigantically. I went apoplectik in my out-of-body experience --- Hurriedly ditching my God Speed as I leaned her against the last tree (which she hurriedly gobbled-up and let out a small belch). "I'm so not worthy, Miss Wonderfull. Just lemme stare into Thy adorabble eyes to adore Thee and wrap myself around you." Couldn't readily tell if my breath was deep and passionate from the cycling or staring at them. Both, perhaps. They both looked at one another and laughed. Everything was a blur from then on. Because I'm in Heaven, they were TOTALLY, ferociously adorable. Y'think?? "How may I please you for this wonderfull opportunity we have? How may I show my everlasting love for you?" Breathless, as lay prostrate did eye. "Lemme count the ways." "Ketch your breath, boy," in unison. Just the fantasy I want: mature, beautiful, school teachers/naive, young boy - I just wanna kiss every nanOmeter "I wanna eat you up, width and depth, length and breadth, from head to toe, inside and out, body and soul, and everything in between if you know what I mean." They laughed again, took my hands and whispered, "Then, Shhh! Come! Eat!" getting up. "We need lots of nourishment if we're to love fully." I saw three teens coming from the water - soon, they'll be in my arms to love us. "Without You, I'm less than nuthin; however, with You, I'm a lot more than whole. We're infinite." "After our shower, climb aboard. Ready to set sail?" Smiling, snuggling, glorious softness, closenmyeyes. SEVENTH-HEAVEN with extra-large-deliciousness. Wake-me-up after eternity, wouldya? "We'll both be nervous, of course, but verrry eager; while we designed you to send you off to earth for a short, 88ish years, we haven't had you personally, literally. That makes us excited." Once again, as always, I got my 'shit-eat'n-grin', "Hmmm. Can I have you as a bite-size, as big as my pinky, to hold you in the palm-of-my-hand at times?" "My dear, anything's possible in the Great Beyond. Just gotta have faith." Almost like a circus-side-show, almost like an 'under-my-graduate' school with gorgeous, exotic dynamics when I walked into the living room, bypassing the wide rotunda yeeers ago, the older women holding my hands, one per side; sevenTEEN, bombastically, brilliantly, beautiFULL, double-handfull-women were dressed to the T while I was in a sleeveless and boxers after a warm shower, my meeen, cut thighs, willing to go the extra mile. Don't forget my moo-vers: my strong calves. "Don't be mistaken, boy. We know what you want... to love fully" one woman whispered, as if a wall of the greatest, abundant luxury swept o'er I - and that was just in Her Voice. Another whom I recognized as my young therapissed at CCS, "Baby, we have hundreds of thousands of convienant, re-entry points: God's non-alcoholic, two-thousand-year-old Chardonnay. See my vignettes?" Her chest was slightly heaving; Her nipples rightly outstanding. Chuckling like Chucky. This is muuuch better than pizza, closing the two, ocular nodules of vivid contemplation, my dreamy hallucination. "Do I ever, girl. Any small, but exquisitely ripe, pleasing-to-behold picture or view." Fully human in every aspect; fulla 101% love toward me and vice-versa for the length of eternity. Very cool. Verrry cool. Almost lifted my head and yowled like the wolfman. And this is for time-WITHOUT-end, dude!!! Glory2God!! God's brazen, ferociously adorable, seventeen females were just waiting to take my love in Heaven Above and go far, far beyond - and a whooole lot more of 'em for eternity. How could I ever pass this up? The Abyss'd be pure Hell; would be a drizzly, anticlimatic crime of our lifetimes. How much I love you more than you know, from head2toe, bodyNsoul, looongXpassed... immortality and beyond --- Sitting down on the cowch that went in a circle so we could see each other, I was asked by another girly, "What would like to be your first experience in the smooth, yet, unladylike Great Beyond?" caress'n my hair, as I stare'd into her face - her name was like the woman in the Old Testament, Ruth. I whispered after a time, "Just to love, to be with you, to hold you in my arms, to caress, to touch, feeel your warmth and passion, and moreNmore love'n. Exactly what I like about Heaven. Uncultivated, like a rough diamond - " "Like an unlicked cub? Rustic and savage?" She whispered in my ear. "Precisely. Plus an excess of fundamentality - both advocate to fortify an experience which I've sooo longed for." Caress'n my hair summore, rubb'n my muscular legs, Mr. Hefty was ready to come undone. "Like how I sed on my knees at my Final Judgment to the Trinity, 'While I know I'm a sinner, and I have absolutely no right to Heaven, I can and will offer You the MOST passionate and loving love make'n skills this side of the infinite universe, TotallyGorgeousBabe. And, whatdya know, here I am.'" Wonderful, wonderfull, girlish laugh. "Hmmm. Tell us more. We're intrigued." "I mean, I came here after riding for 50 miles withe question: if the fallopian tube leads to the ovary, what's at the end? That precious, precocious flower." "Beautiful, darling. I know what you mean. The nebula giving birth to the egg from the female to be." We held each other closer than ever, as I wrapped my legs around to cleave to her. How much do I love you: the length of eternity ain't long enough to show how much I love you. export, bold ramification, beyond amazing. These thots went racing through my head. Mama mia. "And... and who does floating anymore, free from the weight of gravity? Who caresses your hands and ears anymore because I find them fascinating and gorgeous? Who kisses your womb? Who serves you by planting trees on your property, serves you by getting-up, getting balava, and feeding us? Who does ten days anymore to do it right? Who finds kiss'n so undoubtedly sexy they'd let that be their act to virgins who wanna take it slow? Who loves brushing your gorgeous hair and does a Spok-mind-meld to be as one? Who writes it all down to teach them slow humans how to giveNtake?" Her eyes were closed, snuggling. "Who thinks anymore? Who - " Putting a soft finger to my lips. "We git the picture. But, yet, you made it here despite our synthetic cynicism for the world, ya rogue conduit you - we saw through the one-trick-pony-planet. Very cool, young stud. Can I make a simple suggestion, seeing as that your thang has nowhere to go but up?" "Hmmm." "I personally fantasized about you in Carbondale. Betchu didn't know that. I saw you, floundering around like that dude in that 70s flik, Animal House, staring at earthly rewards, not focusing on eternal 'quid pro quo'. Let's say I'm in a Heavenly board meeting, as are alla'm here, and to get more rewards, you gotta pass our test. You must love make to each one of us, to our satisfaction; then, and only then, will we pass you. In the Great Beyond, dear, the Supra-Huge-Clitorum which each one of us has, it shouldn't be difficult to bring us to the Big O withe teacher/student fantasy or whatever thy heart's desire." "What's the other option?" "It's all here, baby: heavy duty, extra-large-capacity, a trillion speed combo, and Infinite HP Motor... waiting for you," she whispered. I laughed. "You're good," snuggling summore, waiting for the wonder of Heaven to sink-in fully. And, geewhiz, Wally! There was Mrs. Brady in her adorable bob, her in her nighty and her covers only pulled-up so far, hands resting on her lap, so small, so mature, so wonderfull-to-behold. How I wanted to love her for sooooo long. "We've heard about you," shaking her finger. "Ta-Da. Now you can have us for as long as..." she checked her watch. "A lil' past forever. Ain't that cool? But, yet, haven't yet surrendered to your corpus-collos - " "But... but tell me how I may gratify all of you." Laughing. They all sed at once, softly, "Silly boy. We need you just like you need us; we cannot live without you as vice-versa. You need to suckle everyday, dear, for our wonderfull breasts are so fulla any kinda juice you'd prefer, for that way you get Food from the Master. Kinda like a vicious circle. We'll also join thots and, that way, you can have all of us in this room loving you very slowly for eternity ..." I went über-ballistik again. "Now, dear, let's eat," as another gorgeous girl uncovered her deliciousNnutritious chest - there also were many lil, adorable Chinese girls in panties peek'n around the corner; when our eyes'd meet, they'd giggle and retreat, as my poor, poor heart'd skip a few beats. And the best part of all? When I'd touch'm? Kiss their hands? Softly caress their lovely 4arms? Forever - ain't that word totally bitchin' now, like a blasé anomaly where U-turn into someone moNmo delicious and fantasticly outstand'n?? Some animae ten-year-olds, some normal - all adorable, faaar beyond incredible... to satisfy, to gratify and give them soft, suckling on long, drooping, meaty nipples that went sans gag-reflex as faaar back as your esophagus. A few women were TALL drinks-of-water - 20 to 35 feet, looong legs, the XTC was for yeeeeers. OMLordAbove!!! Never, EVER felt such warmth and love. EVER. Stayed o'thar halfOeternity which wasn't very long. And the clitorum? King-Size-Enormousness, which I mouthed till Kingdom Come till orgasm which lasted for months. Totally exciting. Wonderfully enriching. Precisely the M.O. i was search'n for. There's maaany other things which I could explain: floating is one; getting literally 'inside' Her body, like YinYang, because I love Her so much is another; a third is how She lays on Her back with a neonish, pink penis, fully female in every respect, and how She wants ME! to give-Her-my-cranium - amid the sighs and moans, each one gettin stronger, She came for daysNdays (which means, of course, She's the height of erotic benevolence, thus, that all comes out again) "Eternity isn't long enough to love you, girls: what a wonderfull opportunity we have for endless volumes of procrastitationNprocreation..." Quickly, bluntly, "No, it isn't. That's why you and all who follow this blog get a few more trillion years." And so I went, trapsing down our path for ever in Heaven; gotta wanna ask about writing a Trilogy on this. We'd maybe call them 'the GooglePlexxx...' though have to wait, I'm kinda busy. And the best part about it? To give my God orgasm after orgasm forever?? My literal, hefty weinerschnitzel, as it is now, will have bumpsNridges so She shall getta heightened sense of the primordial patriarchy promulgated --- I'm just supremely pleased I made it this far: Seventh-Heaven, nudging Ted Nudgent, and loving all as Christ loved. He may have had secretive Words with His Father in prayer, yet, Christ never showed any ubiquitous dissent. Christ was the fodder for the renaissance. I remember in the 70s when I didn't know much of anything about love making, my mom and I went to Falley's on Burlingame and, as she went off to shop, I looked at Cosmo in hopes it'd have something on that subject ...or Heavy Metal. You know they always had some futuristic, forbidding, woman-on-the-eagle-mascot as if the unverse didn't have any latrines. So as I'm paging through their latest issue, I come across a story of a dude on a business trip who's lonely for one thing. Wonder what that is. Then, lowNbehold, he stops at a kiosk and orders, step-by-step, down-the-line, every part of the female he desires for only $17.99 I won't go into alla the delicious details of the desirable dilemma when my savvy mom called me to exit --- So don't close your eyes anymore to the vertical, girl; dream big like no one else so you can live like no one else. I love you. Join me for an endless plethora of wealth Upstairs. And, yes, I will be in the first battalion of young men to serve you and love you in our overwhelming sextillion. Cannot beat that for time without end, girly.